Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Stockholders' Equity

Stockholders' Equity
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2019
Equity [Abstract]  
Preferred Stock
The Company is authorized to issue 5,000,000 shares of preferred stock. The Board has designated 2,000,000 of those shares as "Series A Preferred Stock." At March 31, 2019 and December 31, 2018, a total of 2,000,000 shares of Series A Preferred Stock were issued and outstanding. Shares of preferred stock have no voting rights, except in respect of any amendment to the Company's Certificate of Incorporation, as amended, that would alter or change their rights or privileges. Each share of Series A Preferred Stock is convertible into one share of the Company's common stock at the option of the holders until December 31, 2020. All outstanding shares of Series A Preferred Stock will be automatically converted into shares of the Company's common stock on a one-for-one basis (i) in the event of a change of control of the Company or (ii) on December 31, 2020 (which may be extended by the Board for three additional years).
As holders of the Series A Preferred Stock, the Founder Entities are entitled to receive dividends in the form of shares of the Company's common stock. The dividend amount is calculated based on the appreciated stock price compared to the highest dividend price previously used in calculating the Series A Preferred Stock dividends, which is currently $22.85 per share.
Non-Controlling Interest
In connection with the MacDermid Acquisition, approximately $97.5 million was raised in new equity consisting of 8,774,527 shares of PDH Common Stock. The PDH Common Stock was recorded in the Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets as "Non-controlling interests." On March 29, 2019, the Company completed the merger of PDH with and into Element Solutions, with Element Solutions continuing as the surviving entity. As a result of this merger and without any action on the part of the Retaining Holders, each share of PDH Common Stock outstanding at March 29, 2019 was converted into the right to receive one share of the Company's common stock.
At March 29, 2019, 3,967,446 shares of the Company's common stock had not been issued to the Retaining Holders, pending receipt of letters of transmittal from the Retaining Holders requesting the conversion of the PDH Common Stock into the Company's common stock. However, the Company has treated such shares of common stock as outstanding at March 31, 2019 given that the receipt of the letters of transmittal is considered perfunctory as the Company is legally obligated to issue these shares in connection with the merger and that PDH ceased to exist as a legal entity on March 29, 2019.
For the three months ended March 31, 2019 and 2018, approximately $0.5 million and $1.2 million, respectively, of net income had been allocated to the Retaining Holders, as included in the Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations.
Share Repurchases
On February 8, 2019, as part of the Company's previously-announced share repurchase program, the Company repurchased 37 million shares of its common stock for a per share purchase price of $11.72, the last sale price reported for the Company’s shares as of the 4 pm close of trading on the NYSE on Friday, February 1, 2019, or an aggregate purchase price of $434 million. These repurchased shares, which represented approximately 13% of the Company's then outstanding common stock, were retired on that date. The repurchase was funded from cash on hand and borrowings under the New Credit Agreement.